Hayden Hawkes Secret Gold Guide Review – Is It Worth Buying?

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Okay, so you arrived at this page, and I believe that you already read the sales page here and now wonder whether or not Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide is real or scam, and you'd like to find out whether or not this so called secret guide worth your $17...

I won't bullshit you by saying that this secret gold guide is the best guide in the world and Hayden Hawke is a genius, but one thing for sure is this gold guide is real.

One thing for sure though is that it's not scam. You'll receive your secret guide to gain lots of gold in Warcraft once you paid your $17. But it's also not the most awesome guide in the world either...

If you're quite veteran in Warcraft, knows how to use addons, what to install, and how to use them, know how to squeeze the auction house, and know several advanced tricks, then you probably won't need this guide.

But if you're quite new in Warcraft, and want to have extra fun, you can definitely try the guide which Hayden Hawke compiled for you. She really is great at this game, knew some way to automate things, and you'll gain lots of insight in little forum she has behind the member area.

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These are the bonuses you'll get once you become member.

If for some reason you hate the idea of throwing real money for virtual gold in stupid game like Warcraft, you can instead try your luck and spent (waste) your time wandering around MMO forums and reading some outdated techniques which maybe don't work or don't work as well anymore due to saturation.

Or you can save up, sell some lemon juice, get yourself $20, buy her little guide, join her community and get secret insight delivered to your email every week, no outdated technique, no bullshit techniques, just ways to make your way to being rich in Warcraft faster.

At the end of the day, the decision is up to you, and if you do really purchase and for some reason hate the product, you'll only lose yourself $20, and if you want to get into trouble of asking refund, then you'll get your $20 back, so really nothing to worry about.

And if you do decide to buy after reading this crappy review, then please do yourself a favor by clicking here: http://www.syamsulalam.net/direct/secret-gold-guide.htm (It cost $17 right now. I hope the price won't increase.)

By the way, here's some cheesy WoW video which give no sort of value for you.

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